The Fog Is Lifting

To say that this past month  has been difficult would be an understatement because not only has it been hard physically, it has been even harder emotionally.

I’ve never been a person to stay in the dumps very long or always feel defeated, but that is exactly how I have felt lately.  I have been dealing with an injury, a hormonal imbalance, depression, and I felt like I was another person just watching life pass me by.

Even though I am starting to feel better overall, I hate that I fell back into old patterns and started eating through my frustrations.  I felt like nothing I was doing mattered anymore.  I did all I could do physically and counted every calorie, yet the scale wouldn’t budge.  Physically, I was doing great, but I wanted to see more results.  I wanted the number on the scale to go down.  Yes, I know that doesn’t always happen when you are lifting weights, but I want to see the number change!  How long does a plateau last???   Heck, even my trainer was at his wit’s end because the scale didn’t move nor did my bodyfat go down in percentage, according to the caliper.  We tried different things to shock my system, and nothing happened.  Yes, I got stronger and passed all the Gold’s fitness tests with flying colors, but I just wasn’t losing weight anymore.  No, I am defnitely not at my goal weight yet. (in case you are wondering)

So, according to my doctor I have got to deal with this hormone thing and pull myself out of this funk.  I get to come off of progesterone for now, and I’m very happy about that!   I am definitely feeling better and ready to come out of the fog and move forward.  Move being the key word.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new beginning.  The journey continues…….

2 thoughts on “The Fog Is Lifting

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  1. I too have issues with not seeing those numbers move on the scale….it’s so frustrating, but remember to focus on the other wins….like your body getting stronger and losing inches! I’m sure you will reach you goal 🙂


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