It Was Only Yesterday

getting older

This is me all day, every day!  I swear it was only yesterday that I was riding down the road with my Mom and I wondered what I would be like at her age, and now…well now… I’m past that age!  I think I was around 15 when that happened, so that would make her 36 back then.  Seriously!   Where does time go?  I have a 22 year old son now, but I swear I still feel like that 15 year old girl in the car with her Mom.  The only difference between me and that girl is Continue reading


Feeling So Uninspired

Today is the day that I usually go get groceries and do all my meal prepping for the week.  I did make it to the grocery store, but I had no inspiration for my meals for the week.  In fact, since this past Friday, I’ve not had much inspiration at all.  I have been in such a slump lately and I can’t seem to shake it.   I walked into Publix today and had no clue what I wanted or needed to make for this weeks meals.  The only thing I could think of getting, was ingredients for some Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies  I saw online today. Continue reading

The Bunny Trail

I read a blog post today about eating Paleo and I am so happy that I stumbled across it.  It wasn’t something I intentionally set out to read, but came across it from reading another post about macros .  You know how it is when you are reading something so good and one thing is mentioned, so you click on that link and open a new tab, and so the story goes….. I was hopping down the bunny trail as I read during my lunch break.   I had maybe 8 tabs open reading different blog posts from my favorite blog, Roni’s Weigh.  

What I read today helped me know that everything I am going through is okay. Continue reading