Unanswered Questions

This morning as I lay in bed trying so hard to go back to sleep, (because I know I need it) all I could feel was the pain in my stomach. All I could see in my mind was a big ball of yarn in multiple colors that was knotted together with no end, and no beginning. These knots represent so many questions that are going through my mind right now. Continue reading


Waiting Feels So Wrong

I often do not know how to start out any post I write, and this one is no different. Well, actually, it is different. It is different because it is about my granny. My grandmother, or "granny," as we call her, has been given days to live Continue reading

The Fog Is Lifting

To say that this past month  has been difficult would be an understatement because not only has it been hard physically, it has been even harder emotionally.

I’ve never been a person to stay in the dumps very long or always feel defeated, but Continue reading

No Motivation

I am still stuck in a rut.  I have absolutely no motivation to do anything. Last month I had lower back problems and had to stop working out for 3 weeks as I recovered.  I’ve only been back to the gym a few times, even though my doctor gave me full release over a week ago.  For some reason, I’m finding it really difficult to get back to my routine.  Partly, it is because that I no longer find the enjoyment in working out anymore, and partly it’s because I get concerned about hurting myself again. It’s like all I can think about is my age and what my body can and cannot do anymore.  It is very depressing to me.  I have a consultation scheduled with my gyno on Thursday to see what she recommends.  The progesterone she has had me on since March has made me feel so down about myself, and life.  I feel as though I don’t care about anything anymore.  I’ve never felt this way before.  It’s so not me!  No matter what the scale has read, I have always enjoyed life.  Things are different now.  I don’t feel the same.  Is it because my hormones are out of balance or is it the progesterone?  I want to find that zeal I use to have…where did it go??

There Will Always Be Excuses

Have you ever wondered if anyone really cares about your journey to gain better health and lose weight? I have been wondering about that a lot lately. Since March of this year, I haven’t been doing the greatest when it comes to eating right. I have kept up my workouts Continue reading

Is This What Youth Looks Like?

My mother said something on Mother’s Day while we were taking pictures that keeps resonating within me.  It resonates because I felt it deep down.  It was one of those things that you know will stay with you forever because it “struck a chord” on the inside of you. Continue reading