Where’s My Path In Life?

Yesterday, I got a chance to go mountain biking and did not realize how covered the trails would be from all the fallen leaves. I have to admit, I felt a little intimidated at first because it was very hard to see the trail. I didn’t go super fast (not that I can) because I wanted to make sure I did not go off the trail, or hit something that could make me wreck.

One of the reasons I like mountain biking is that not only am I helping out my physical body, 20171118_120007395363002.jpgI also gain insight within my spirit. As I was riding down the trail, I began meditating upon God and asking Holy Spirit to teach me, and give me wisdom. He began showing me how the trail I was riding on can also represent the path of life. Many times, we feel confused about what path to take in order to fulfill our destiny. We worry if we are in the right career, in the right church, or if we have made one too many mistakes. Often, there is an internal war within us wondering where we went wrong, and if we are really called by God to do something greater.

Why is it so hard to find our path and know that it truly is the right one? Looking out in front of me, all I could see was leaves covering what looked like to be the trail. Holy Spirit showed me how the leaves represent many different things of the world. 20171118_1158081135775954.jpgThe leaves could be the desires of life, entertainment, cares of the world, sexual perversions, worry, anxiety, fear, insecurities, low self-esteem, and many more. When we focus on everything around us more then we focus on God within us, our path in life get messy. In Psalms 119:105 it says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” If we continually meditate upon the word of God, it will help keep our path in life more easily found. His Word guides us and steers us in the right direction.

When we do not meditate on His word and let Him wash away all of our impurities, our vision gets clouded. When our vision gets clouded and we can not see clearly, we are more prone to veering off His chosen path for us. Unfortunately, sometimes this happens because we run right into something that could have been avoided if our focus had been upon Him. Holy Spirit pointed out to me some rocks and roots that were peaking out from under the leaves that could have easily caused me to crash, had I not been paying extra attention and going at a reasonable speed. 20171118_115649624690243.jpgHe illustrated to me how at one point of my life, I was so caught up in some spiritual warfare that was going on, in and around my church, that I lost focus on His vision and let my sight become cloudy. As my sight became skewed in battle, I ran right into something that I should have seen, if I had stayed focused.

You see, sometimes the enemy lays traps for us and we easily see them and stay far away from them because we are focused on the prize. Yet, if that same trap is there and your vision is skewed, you can run right into it and crash. On a clear day of the summer, the mountain biking trails are easily seen, so you can see when you should veer to the left or right in order to miss a rock that can puncture your tire, or worse yet…cause you to crash. 20171118_1158321044303752.jpgYet, on that same trail that I have ridden on many times, I could not see clearly. It is very important to stay alert at all times, because no matter if you have been down the same trail over and over again, if you have not continually stayed focus upon God, your vision could be skewed and it can cause you to crash.


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