Is This a Losing Battle?

I have always heard people make a remark that they are “fighting a losing battle.”  Today, I think I understand this statement more then I want to.   Trying to lose weight has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and as I get older it has become even harder.    I work out with a trainer and I count my calories, but the scale is refusing to budge.  Do I ever go off plan?  Sure!  I just had a birthday in March and celebrated all weekend.  Does that constitute the reason I never lose weight?  Hell no!  I really don’t know what my problem is…neither does my trainer.  I keep wondering if it has something to do with my hormones.  After all, I am getting older and my periods are getting crazy.  My doctor has made me start taking progesterone again the first 10 days of every month just to get a regular period.   Right now I’m sitting here bloated and miserable.  I feel so down about everything regarding my weight and even my life right now.  Maybe it’s the progesterone?  Maybe I’m about to start my period?  I don’t know!  I just want answers. Like why the frock can’t I lose any more weight????  What do I need to do ???   Count macros?  (WTF is a Macro anyways)  Join Weight Watchers?  Quit working out?  Hell, maybe I just need to finish off this bag of Oreos and call it a day.  Will the scale not go below 220?  Sure, I used to weigh almost 100 pounds more but I know I still need to weigh at least 50 lbs less.  What’s wrong with me?  Waaahhhhh

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