The Bunny Trail

I read a blog post today about eating Paleo and I am so happy that I stumbled across it.  It wasn’t something I intentionally set out to read, but came across it from reading another post about macros .  You know how it is when you are reading something so good and one thing is mentioned, so you click on that link and open a new tab, and so the story goes….. I was hopping down the bunny trail as I read during my lunch break.   I had maybe 8 tabs open reading different blog posts from my favorite blog, Roni’s Weigh.  

What I read today helped me know that everything I am going through is okay.  I am okay.  I’m a normal woman who is discovering what works and won’t work for me.  I have always struggled with my weight, but looking back at pictures when I was younger, I don’t think I really had a problem as much as I thought I did, or maybe it was because everyone else thought I did.  You see, I was always tall and larger than all my short, petite friends.  So, in comparison I appeared bigger; and therefore I was always on a diet trying to lose weight.  I know I have heard several times in my life to always find a bigger person than you when you are going out to dance, or even to lay out at the beach.  I was always that bigger person in my group of friends.  Unfortunately, my mom always had me on every diet known to man during my teen years.  If you’ve heard of it, I’ve probably tried it.  Let’s see…there was the Cambridge liquid diet, the 3 Day Rotation diet, Cabbage Soup diet, Slim Fast, Atkins, counting calories, and some I couldn’t even tell you the names.  I truly believe that all these diets resulted in me actually gaining weight and truly becoming overweight.  My metabolism got so screwed up as a teen.  If only I had known then what I know now.  Oh well, you can’t go can only go forward…and that’s what I am doing!

Just writing this little bit, I could go off and write so many of my own little bunny trails, but I will save more for later.  I have done Whole30 and I have eaten the Paleo way.  There is nothing wrong with either of these ways of eating if it is something you can live with and do for the rest of your life.  I know for me, I can’t.  I know I can’t go through life never having dairy products again.  I also know that it is probably not on the top of my list of things that are best for my body, but occasionally it is okay.  I like eating healthy because I like the way it makes me feel inside.   Sometimes I do eat things that are not healthy at all.  As they say, “shit happens.”    Especially when I get my period, or stress over something.  Unlike years before though, I don’t give up because of the days I don’t eat right.  I just keep going forward and keep discovering who I am, and what works for ME.

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