Am I Doing My Part?

I had to stop and ask myself if I am doing what I should be doing in the natural realm for any of my prayers to be answered? For example:
-Am I putting God first?
-Have I been obedient to what God has put in my heart?
-Do I witness to family members about the love of Christ?
-Do others see the love of Christ within me?
-Am I working out? Eating right?
-How is my prayer life? Do I just go through the motions or believe what I pray?
-Have I wrote to the U.S. Senators or U.S. Representatives on the behalf of my country or just rely on others to do it?

In the morning we are going to wake up and it will be a new year, and 2020 will be in the past. I know many of us will set new year resolutions or goals, and are praying that 2021 will be a better year than the last. I’m believing the same, and am praying that I will be a better version of myself and a brighter light shining on this earth for Christ.

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