Motorcycle Gear Frustration

I absolutely love riding my motorcycle, and I like to ride it wearing all the proper safety gear. This gives not only me peace of mind, but also my family. There is only one problem I have with gear, and that is finding things in my size that is made for a woman. I generally wear size 16-18 women’s size clothing, and it is so hard to find gear that is well built for me without having to venture into buying men’s gear. I am not talking about wearing cutesy pink or girly colors, I am talking about the fit of the clothing. Currently, I own a very nice men’s First Gear Kilimanjaro 37.5 jacket and love it, except for the fact that the sleeves are so long, and I get very frustrated when putting my gloves on. Any type of gauntlet glove is out because of all the material bunched up. So with the material of the jacket, and the size of my hands/arms, I can’t wear gauntlet gloves to support my wrists. On the other hand, I did find a nice pair of riding pants made by Olympia that was made for women. Luckily, the pants go up to a size 18 and I was able to snag a pair at a local dealership. God forbid any woman larger then a size 18 wants to ride a motorcycle!

Right now, I’m frustrated, to say the least.

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