My New Adventure

For the past year, I would often think about getting back into motorcycling. but didn’t know if I wanted to invest in another one or not.   I grew up riding my cousins dirt bike a little bit, but mostly sat on the back.  My mom would never let me buy a motorcycle, but she did let me get a moped.  I absolutely loved it and rode it every chance I got!   Fast forward through time when I turned forty something,

I decided to take a MSF course and fulfill a dream of owning my own motorcycle.  My first bike was a Yamaha Virago 250.  I would ride it every chance I got, but I would always dream of owning an adventure type bike.  I ended up selling my Virago when a tree fell on the roof of our house, and I wanted to contribute to the fund for the new roof.  The insurance ended up covering most of it, so in hindsight, I could have kept it.  I think I was at the point of thinking that I had fulfilled my dream of owning a motorcycle and  I needed to focus on other things in life.

Well, the itch never went away.  A few years passed by, and I still would longingly look at adventure bikes and want one.  My husband owns a Triumph Street Triple, and I would go out in the garage and sit on it and wonder what it would be like to ride again.  I decided the only way I would know for sure if I wanted to ride again was to take another MSF course.  There was no way I would get back on a motorcycle again after not riding or the past few years.  I guess you could say that I was scared a little bit.  Scared that I couldn’t remember the simple things of riding.

I signed up for a class at a local community college and took the course.  It didn’t take long after class started that I knew I had to ride again, and my desire to ride still burned deeply.   I dreaded having to do some of the tests, like the figure 8’s, but I did them and never even put my foot down during the test.  I passed the course again with flying colors, and as soon as I got back, I told my husband that he just had to let me ride his Triumph until I could find a bike of my own, and he did.  He loves me!  🙂

I looked high, and I looked low for a good used bike.  Part of me was considering a Versys 300 because it was one of my dream bikes, well, a 650 Versys, because the 300 didn’t exist a few years ago.  There were no used ones to be found because they are so new, and I am not ready to buy a new bike yet.  Finally, I found one!   I decided to purchase a black 2015 Honda NC 700X, and I love it.  I wanted a bike with color, but this bike fits me perfectly and I don’t even mind that it is black.  In fact, I named her Raven.

Last weekend, my husband took me on a ride over a couple of mountains to get me used to some gentle curves, and it was so much fun.   I absolutely have fallen in love with riding all over again, and I can’t wait to go on more riding adventures!

You are never too old to fulfill your dreams!


Dunlap, TN Overlook
Dunlap, TN Overlook

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