Accountability, who needs it?

Me, that’s whom…

Today started off like most Saturday morning, sipping coffee and browsing the internet.  My dogs just had to interrupt my lazy morning by wanting to go outside, so I obeyed like a good human should and took them out.  Much to my surprise it had gotten a lot warmer outside and was turning in to be a beautiful day.  I knew I had a choice to make, go back inside and continue my internet browsing and waste this beautiful day or go work out.  The weekends can sometimes be my downfall because I don’t get my usual steps in from being at work, and if I miss working out, that means either I eat not much of anything, or eat way beyond my calories for the day.    I am happy to say that I made the right choice and went to work out.  I usually will do Zumba World Party on my Wii or go to the gym to walk on the treadmill and use the elliptical, but I made a different choice today.  Being that it was so nice outside, I decided to give the high school running track a try.  I pushed myself hard today because I knew without having the treadmill threatening to throw me off for not keeping up the speed, I would drag ass around the track and not burn enough calories.  I wasn’t sure what the day would hold for me and since my husband and I usually go out to dinner on Saturdays, I wanted make sure I burned enough calories so I could enjoy the day.  Yes, I work out to not only to get healthy and lose weight, but to be able to eat more.  Each time around the track I would jog half and walk half, then near the end of my time (1:15) I decided to run up and down the bleachers like I used to when I trained for a half marathon.  I ended up burning 708 calories during my workout and was proud of myself for pushing so hard.  Working out makes me feel so much better about myself, and life in general.

By the time I got home I was starving, so I took a quick shower and we went out to lunch and decided to have Subway.  Afterwards, we did a little shopping and I am excited that I got some new shoes to work out in:  Brooks Ghost 6.  I can’t wait to try them out!  Afterwards we went by Whole Foods so I could get a few things.  I have to say that just walking in the store makes me feel healthier.  I know that not everything they sell is good for you, but they do offer a lot more healthier choices then most grocery store chains.  I love how as you walk around the store you catch different scents of incense and all the homemade soaps that are on display.  For some reason it makes me want to move to Soho, NY and wear flowy dresses and ride a bike with a basket on the front and a bell I can ring on the handlebars.  Ding! Ding!

Today was a great day.   I decided to be accountable to myself and do what I needed to do.  It’s so easy to let the weekends go by and do nothing, or do an average workout, but when I do that, I beat myself up mentally.  Not only did I have a great calorie burn for my workout, but I also finally got checkmarks all the way down on my bodymedia app.   The geek in me did mental backflips when I finally got all those checkmarks instead of just 3 or 4.  Yes, today my friends, I was walking on sunshine.

workout 3.8.14

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