Why blog?

Why did I start this blog?  That’s a question I have asked myself 100 times, and every time I have a different answer.  A more simple answer that I have settled on is simply this,  I started this blog because I wanted to, and that’s all that matters.

I have always loved to write, so why not blog? I feel that over the years I have gained some insight and wisdom from my many experiences in life.   You know the saying, “Been there, done that”?   Sometimes I feel like I can say that way too much, but hey, what can you do?  Just smile and keep going.   I grew up in a very small town where everyone knows your name and your business, and most of the time even before you know it.  Trust me, the theme song from Cheers would not be the feeling you would get in my small town, it would be more like Rumors by The Timex Social Club.  ha-ha   Needless to say, I was ready to go out and experience the world when I was 18, and I did that by getting married a month after graduation and moving to Florida.  I would like to say that everything was perfect from that point on, but let’s just say that my journey was just getting started.  I ended up getting a divorce 18 years later and starting over at 36.  Never did I imagine that I would be starting over at that age, but I did, and I am a much stronger woman because of it.   I now know more about who I am than I ever did back then.  It is my hope to share in this blog some my “in betweens” and “along the way”, of my journey.

I originally was going to start this blog regarding weight loss, but why limit myself to just that subject?  Sure, I have lost a lot of weight before, and I’ve gained some back and working on losing it again.  I’ve had my shares of ups and downs with the whole weight loss issue, but there is so much more to this woman then a number on the scale or the tag in my jeans.   And with that being said, that’s what I want to blog about:  the journey of my life.  What I have learned and am learning now.  The things I struggle with and have overcome.  I don’t know how it all will flow together, so bear with me.  I’m new to blogging, but as with everything in life, with trials and errors, it will all work out in the end.  Just take one step at a time.

And remember this,

More then a number

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