Kefir Probiotic Fruit Smoothie

I love making this smoothie when I am needing some extra protein or don’t have time for breakfast.  I used a mix of frozen cherries and blackberries for this smoothie, but you can use whatever combination of fruit you prefer.  If you do not enjoy the taste of yogurt, this might not be the smoothie for you.



1 cup of Kefir

1/2 cup of fresh or frozen cherries

1/2 cup of fresh or frozen blackerries

2 packets of Stevia (sometimes I use a tablespoon of honey)

Directions:  Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Servings: 1 •   Size: 1 smoothie 
Calories: 200 • Fat: 2 g • Carb: 34 g • Fiber: 6 g • Protein: 13 g • Sugar: 29 g

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