No Motivation

I am still stuck in a rut.  I have absolutely no motivation to do anything. Last month I had lower back problems and had to stop working out for 3 weeks as I recovered.  I’ve only been back to the gym a few times, even though my doctor gave me full release over a week ago.  For some reason, I’m finding it really difficult to get back to my routine.  Partly, it is because that I no longer find the enjoyment in working out anymore, and partly it’s because I get concerned about hurting myself again. It’s like all I can think about is my age and what my body can and cannot do anymore.  It is very depressing to me.  I have a consultation scheduled with my gyno on Thursday to see what she recommends.  The progesterone she has had me on since March has made me feel so down about myself, and life.  I feel as though I don’t care about anything anymore.  I’ve never felt this way before.  It’s so not me!  No matter what the scale has read, I have always enjoyed life.  Things are different now.  I don’t feel the same.  Is it because my hormones are out of balance or is it the progesterone?  I want to find that zeal I use to have…where did it go??

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  1. Start small and switch up your workout. If getting into your routine is not feeling the same that’s ok, we are very cyclical so maybe try something you haven’t done before. Whatever you do just don’t give up my team and I are always here to help. Have any questions feel free to reach out


    1. Thank you. My doctor has let me hold off taking some medication she has had me on and also has me taking some supplements. I am starting to feel better, but know I have to deal with the gain I have accumulated this past month by eating through my emotions. I definitely am working on finding my groove again and starting to feel like myself. I have got to find my motivation again!


  2. Have you tried different workout styles? There are some really fun classes for all levels out there. I am not sure where you are located, but there must be something interesting nearby. SoulCycle is my personal favorite for energizing my workout routine. Barre classes, SurfSet, and dance classes are also fun. Just change the way you are working out, don’t give up!


    1. Actually, I do several different classes at our gym. I do Les Mills Bodypump class, RPM spin class, and Bodyflow. I also try to go mountain biking at least once a week. I have not been working out this past month, but plan on getting back in gear this week. Thanks for the motivation!

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